Autumn Excerpt

“…I would walk through the woods with my dog Madeleine, “Maddie” for short. A great dog, a fab-Lab, a Fablador Retriever! We’d kick and crunch the fallen leaves together, Madeleine a zig-zag sewing up the path in front of me, always leading me to the remote lake back up there, a dark hidden mirror of the close sky above, water smooth and silent, no eager wavelets lapping the earthen shore. The lake seemed at peace with the change of season…or maybe it was just practicing for the inevitable long winter stillness. A chill breeze ruffled the surface, as well as my hair, reminding me that I needed a haircut, and whatever happened to those warm flannels I used to wear on a day like that? Like my blue plaid L.L. Bean with the fishhook lodged in the pocket, and the little nip-rip from Maddie on the sleeve? That made me so mad when she did it but later I grew to like it- it made me feel authentic because it was a genuine tear given in play and it didn’t grow any…there was history in those shirts dammit and now that dog is dead and the property sold and me so far from that and really everything else I loved as a kid…”


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